About me

I am an enthusiastic, conceptually driven designer. I thrive on thinking up creative design solutions that solve everyday problems. Unfortunately I don’t drink tea or coffee but I have been known to boil a kettle for colleagues and make a brew from time to time with no complaints so far.

Marc Bubb graphic Design

Throughout my design career so far I have always looked to learn and better myself as a creative and as a person, always seeking new & exciting challenges. I keep well abreast of new and developing design trends and consider myself to be forward thinking.

Over the last couple of years I have been working with clients ranging from bespoke startup companies to international brands taking the lead on creative design concepts for branding and marketing as well as creative pitches and responsive web visuals.

In my most recent role i was part of a tight collaborative creative team working with some of the worlds most recognisable brands that include HSBC, Barclays bank and BP to name a few.

I relish the opportunity to continue and improve upon my skills, and add to them as I grow & develop. I want to expand my knowledge so that I can become the very best that I can be.