Award Winning creative solutions

Property Marketing Awards success with two awards for Best Digital Marketing Campaign

We came away from the 2017 Property Marketing Awards with two awards from two shortlisted entries, winning Best Marketing Campaign for Residential New Build and Best Digital Marketing Campaign.

Both awards were for work carried out for client Crest Nicholson South West, for their fantastic PAINTWORKS development in Bristol.

This mixed-use community is famed for being the Creative Quarter of the city and is home to a host of artists and creatives alike.

The social media campaign  breaks away from the norm for Crest Nicholson, with the target audience identified early on as being media savvy and always online. The company does not have site-specific websites or social platforms, but the Sales Team recognised this special case and we have been able to maximise returns.

Don’t just our word for it…

Sandra Dixon, Sales & Marketing Director for Crest Nicholson South West said: “For Paintworks, we understood that meeting the specific online expectations of the audience was more important than our standard approach. Our target market are buying into Paintworks, the place and the lifestyle first and foremost and for many first time buyers who don’t know who we are as a business, positioning ourselves as more of a consumer or lifestyle brand has made the buying process seem less scary for them.”

Sandra continues: “The quality of the visitors that we’ve welcomed to site is extremely high! Customers thoroughly understand what Paintworks stands for and align themselves to it. Much of this is down to the overall positioning of the scheme, the marketing of the brand and the way we’ve approached the customer journey. Whether they enter the sales process via outdoor, social media, or the website, the picture and expectation that is painted online is completely met as they finally arrive on site. They have told us first hand that they are impressed by our social and community engagements and they arrive as ready made brand ambassadors, appreciative of the fact that we have kept the original integrity of Paintworks’ creative quarter alive.”

The brand solution  was based on an ‘anti-brand’, whereby the word Paintworks morphed in style so as to be in keeping with the background or media channel. For example the word could be stenciled on brick, painted on wood or stamped onto paper, so reflecting the flexibility and non-conformist outlook of the buyers.

A short case study
We were tasked with developing and managing a social media strategy that would engage potential buyers, inspire the existing community and build awareness of the development.

The Challenge

The social campaign had to create new conversation and engage the audience, while staying true to the history and fabric of Paintworks. Originally a Victorian paint factory, it’s a creative and quirky place to live and we wanted this to shine through in our approach to social media communications.

We started by identifying the brand purpose and how this could be delivered through social media channels, specifically Instagram and Twitter. By actively monitoring stakeholder conversations across the social media landscape, we were able to identify with the community centred in and around the location based on their conversations and media shares, gaining a unique insight into what motivates and inspires them to take action. This insight also identified key influencers and formed the basis of our social strategy which considers:

  • Brand purpose – key to delivering an effective social strategy.
  • Engagement tactics – essential to building community.
  • Storytelling – helping us to connect.
  • Content creation – to drive engagement.

We focused on a customer-first approach, to ensure we were able to react promptly to direct enquiries and resolve any issues. Importantly, this activity began before the homes were in development, identifying with the existing community within Bristol and the surrounding area.

To amplify the brand message, we used social media listening tools to identify a strong creative community of local artists in and around Paintworks. They represented a key influencer network centred on a variety of mediums; sculptures through to urban street art. We engaged with the identified artist community and established a pop-up art event, which was hosted over twelve hours and involved twelve artists.

The artists all worked to create art as part of a competition, with the winner’s work being commissioned for use in the show home. Live feeds from the event were shared on social media and the activity was noticed by Lucozade, who came along and provided free energy drinks for the participants on the day.

By joining in with the local community and key stakeholders early on, we were able to establish #PaintworksLiving to harness and build a community centred around Bristol.

The campaign is ongoing and we’re using a number of techniques, such as influencer outreach, social monitoring tools and paid social media, to continue to increase awareness of the brand and drive more visitors to the site.

The Results

The results have been pretty impressive. In the first six months of launching, our strategy has achieved:

2,900 engagements via Instagram.

152,850 impressions via Twitter.

162% increase in web clicks.

26,171 web page views.

488 genuine sales leads.

Word of mouth and a strong influencer network with social referrals.